New Years` Eve

Once we have taken up on the internet with the pair of young interesting people and we decided to spent together the New Years` Eve. We had the agreement that they will pick us up in Brno. The first meeting was little bit constrained because we have known each other only from chat and couple of telephone callings. They have introduced themselves as Martin and Petra. But a while later the general nerves gave way and we started on the way to Prague. After arriving in Prague they took us into their home. There was still a pretty big portion of nervousness between us. We have been talking for a while and then they decided to show us their equipment. We were in a trance, because they had wonderful toys (as my Mistress said), made by Martin. We were talking for a long time complimenting Martin and his products and his ideas on this artifacts. At once we have found that it is 3 a.m. morning and that it would not be bad to sleep for a while when it is the New Years` Eve, to endure at least until the midnight. We woke up approximately at 11 a.m., then we had the late breakfast, but we experienced a sudden reverse, because as soon as we eat up my Mistress with Petra has disappeared somewhere and we discussed with Martin “matters of men” like computers etc.. At once rushed these two women inside, saying that the entertainment is ending, that they wanna play. They put the collars on us and took us to the bedroom, which has been changed in a while strangely. There were the chains in the corners of the beds and the fair leather ties on them. They have lead us on our knees and forced us to undress ourselves. Before I have got the slap from my Mistress because of looking around and no kissing her feet I have noticed that Martin is wearing the chastily belt, which he has shown us yesterday. It was very pretty and ingenious invented harness made up of leather lined by the fur, which was possible to connect with the harness on body and collar and harness on the head with the gag and mask on the eyes. That all was possible to remove or fasten arbitrary - according to our Mistresses` desires. He really made ingenious gear.
But in the time when I have run everything, I was already condescended to the legs of my Mistress, not to earn one more slap or stroke of the whip which she was playing with. I started to feel chilly on my back when my Mistress ordered me to undress myself. Do I have to be undressed in front of somebody else? But my Mistress gave me no change for choice and so I knelt completely undressed there and my Mistress started to fasten the ties on me. I have got the classic handcuffs on my hands, which she connected behind my back by means of the chain with my collar and on my legs leather ties lined by fur, which my Mistress ensured by lock and connected by the short chain. I caught even sight that my colleague was in the worse situation, because Petra has locked him into the complete harness, but then my Mistress closed my eyes by scarf and tightened it that I have seen nothing.
I have only felt how Petra came along me and by the way she dealt me the slap and then she continue quietly her way to the next room for the further gears. In a while she came back and gave me the gag inside my mouth. So I knelt on my knees completely bound and silenced, seeing nothing, being possible of only small movement, the only sense I have had was the hearing and then my imagination. We had to knee in front of our Mistresses and they was talking about what they will be doing with us. My Mistress has wrapped my penis with the rope not to envy to Martin. And then they started to play with us test us. They tried what we will endure and how each of us react on the strokes of quirt and whip. Each of us has got 10 strokes. Then Mistress Petra came to me and put the clamps on my nipples. And again we have got several strokes. Then they made a point of make a test on us. As we were sitting by the beds they fastened us to them by chains and ensured them with the locks. They ordered us to lay our body on the bed and put out our backs. Then, I do not know, which one of them maybe they changed themselves, stood between us and started to striking us with quirt changing our bodies. It has hurt pretty enough, but I can not disappoint my Mistress by showing it, but I have already enjoyed enough of the pain laying on the clamps on my nipples and it started to hurt. It took about ten minutes that they raged themselves enough. Then they ordered us to be back on our knees on the floor and orderly to straighten ourselves with no movement. And then they let us unnoticed.
As we were sitting bound to the beds, can not to move, these two came to the bed and started to caress themselves. And we were kneeling there seeing nothing only hearing how they are rolling themselves laughing. It had smashing effect on us, but we could not move and even we have seen nothing I could only imagine what was happening there, it was terrible. And they have taken short break and started to take us in notice, starting to ridicule us what we are of the wretchs. They were going around, lashing us sometimes with quirt. At once I have felt something hot falling on me. It was the wax. They were enjoying dropping the wax on our most sensitive places. They have tested who of us will move the first in order to punish us. Then it started to bore them and let us bound and blind by their legs and started to caress each other again. I sat there and started to think that I will start to be crazy of the pain called out by the clamps. In addition of this I was suffering from the imagination what they are doing there. The noises from the bed started to change slowly, it was possible to hear the groaning and moreover they started to slap themselves by open hands to the buttocks.
My pain was increasing and I thought, that I can not bear it up more and that I will start to whine and emit all possible noises, which allow me the gag to call attention to myself, but Mistress Petra saved me, because she have suddenly taken down the clamps, in this moment I thought that I will be crazy from the pain and started to whine a little bit, but Mistress Petra dealt me the slap to make me quiet. And again let me unnoticed, I did not know what my colleague was going through probably the same.
After a while I have heard the rustling of the chains as Mistress Petra tied up my leg to the bed, I tried to defend against but I was not able to move. Mistress Petra was according to the noises which was heard from the bed playing with vibrator with which she was exciting my Mistress, sometimes was heard the strokes of nine-tales falling on her body. There was possible to hear only sighs and the changable noise of vibrators` engine. I have no idea how long was Mistress Petra playing with my Mistress, but after that they has changed their roles and Mistress Petra was bound and my Mistress has played and exciting her. At once has my Mistress taken out my and Martins` gag and ordered to excite Mistress Petra with our tongues on her feet. I bent myself forward and started to run with my tongue on her tied feet, in order not to left out any place and started to honor and clean her feet. I have slowly started to run between the fingers moving to the sole, but in that time has Mistress Petra already had the big orgasm. We both could live it through with her at least during honoring her godlike feet. Mistress Petra has already calmed down after the orgasm, but we has still licked her feet. In that moment I have felt the traction on my hair. My Mistress has pulled me away from the feet of Mistress Petra and then she untied her leg from the bed.
My Mistress come to me and untie the scarf from my eyes, I try to look round but my Mistress says to me that if I want to look at something then she is the only object I can look at. I have caught sight of naked Mistress Petra, but in that moment I was already turned with my back to the bed and my Mistress has untie my hand, putted me the condom on, not to make the carpet dirty and then she said that I can make myself under her sight. It did not take a long time and I was finished, but Martin was quicker and made herself earlier. Then our Mistresses have untied us and came to have a shower with the words, that we can come after we will put everything in order. There was pretty much of mess there and on the bed was the wax peeled from the body. I do not know what they were doing, maybe they will write it in some next story.
It was beautiful afternoon which was followed by New Years` Eve Night and in that night after midnight we have continued, but this is already the next chapter and next time I will hopefully write it down. Thank You Martin and Petra for the wonderful experience, which gave us so much and helped us to know each other better. Thank to both of you


Copyright for this english translation - Mistress Cassi