Collaring on the Mill

Report of collaring Mistress Valkyrie´s slave Devka on the Mill.

Special thanks to Mistress Valkyrie.

Dear Mistress

Have amended report and resent to Your group atat 6.27 pm. In case it goes missing, like the last one, I thought it best to send a copy to You, so that You can approve and post to group, if You're happy with
it. :-)
At the end of my first ever session with our Mistress, at the start of last year, I made a very wise investment. I purchased a copy of Her first DVD , which was filmed at Mistress's Mill in the picturesque village of Vranova Lhota , deep in the heart of the Moravian countryside. The thought that I would one day be under Mistress's control at Her country estate seemed fanciful and far fetched at the time. Since then I have been fortunate enough to be accepted by Mistress as a slave in training and have twice visited Prague with Her, to undertake slave training. I found the experience quite exhilarating on each occassion.Imagine my excitement when Mistress agreed to allow me to accompany Her to The Mill this summer, as the next step in my desire to become one of Mistress's collared slaves - effectively becoming Her property.To me The Mill has become a Mecca - the ultimate place to serve the finest of all Mistresses
Mistress Valkyrie.
At the commencement of our journey I surrendered complete control of my life to Mistress. I handed Her all my travel documents ,my passport, my wallet - everything except my butt plug - and was aware that from now on I would only eat and drink when Mistress allowed.I was also aware that , when dining out, there would be absolutely no point in looking at the menu. Mistress always decides what the slave will eat and drink and Her wicked sense of humour is often in evidence when ordering food. Invariably the hottest of curries, or the most unlikely combination of flavours is chosen:-)
My first drink was a cup of tea, during the flight to CZ. I managed to prove what an inept slave in training I can be when I spilled the boiling hot tea over my lap - narrowly missing my 'crown jewels'. I knew that whatever pain I felt at the time would pale into insignificance when Mistress had the opportunity to punish me for my clumsiness with Her expert use of the bull whip. Not a good start!! However, things took a turn for the better . We arrived in CZ to be greeted by hot, sunny weather with a forecast of more of the same for the week ahead.
I found the drive to The Mill fascinating. The Czech countryside is quite beautiful , with rolling hills , forests and small villages en route. We stopped off along the way to stock up with provisions and arrived at The Mill early in the evening. The Mill was even more impressive than I had imagined. Formerly a water mill, with the mill machinery still intact, there is ample living accomodation together with a wealth of space ideal for 'play'.In the expansive garden there is a wooden shed with a dry toilet - effecively a loo positioned over a hole in the ground. Mistress advised me that for the duration of our stay I would only be allowed to use that loo. By the end of the week , assisted by the hot weather , the aroma that drifted up was strong to say the least !! On the last day, when I was making my last visit , Mistress crept up and locked me in . She told me that She was going to leave me there , but would return to let me out in a week or so - on Her next visit to CZ. At the time it seemed a distinct possibility, although in reality She let me out after five minutes or so!!! .
Mistress gave me a guided tour of the Mill before we made the short drive to Bouzov and I experienced my first taste of Czech country cuisine. By now I was totally relaxed and had foolishly lapsed into holiday mood. I had managed to forget in a short space of time that this was not a holiday - it was slave training. When we returned to the Mill , Mistress wasted no time in reminding me why we were there. In future I would only eat and drink from a bowl, placed on the floor. Mistress also reminded me that pleasure must always be balanced with pain . Now it was time for me to experience the latter.
I was ordered to strip and then led to one of the 'play' areas . Mistress pointed out that we had no near neighbours and no one was going to hear me if I screamed . Then She introduced me to Her bull whip. The pain can be intense and is in sharp contrast to Mistress's gentle voice and Her laughter . With each stroke She reminded me of my indiscretions - this was going to be a very uncomfortable week for me , unless I regained my focus pretty rapidly. I was aware that this was a totally different environment to Prague , with its multi cultural mix. Here I was in the depths of the Czech countryside, where no one spoke English and where Mistress reigns supreme.She then produced Her flogger and by the end of the session I was on my knees and begging Her forgiveness.My hopes of attaining the status of collared slave seemed to be no more than a distant dream . The point had been made and later in the evening I was allowed the pleasure of washing and massaging Mistress's beautiful feet. I knew that I had failed Mistress, but She still found it within Herself to forgive me , once I had acknowledged the error of my ways.
We were greeted the following morning by a beautiful day, with the temperature around 37c.My first task was to mow the grass with a long- handled scyth, whilst Mistress took advantage of the weather by relaxing in Her bikini on the sun lounger. Once I had completed this job, I fetched the tin bath and filled it with cold water. During the course of the day , the sun would heat the water and Mistress would be able to bathe in the garden later in the afternoon. Mistress's love of Her country is infectious and She always puts a lot of thought into ensuring that Her slaves experience the real CZ.
Before we set off to explore the region, Mistress allowed me to be Her subject in a hypnosis session. This was both fascinating and liberating. I sat on a chair as Mistress gradually allowed me to relax the conscious part of my brain whilst bringing to the fore the unconscious part .Mistress's voice is perfect for this process and the skill that She has acquired already as a result of Her ongoing studies was quite remarkable.By the time we were ready to set off on the first of our adventures I was feeling content and at one with the world.
This part of CZ has a wealth of castles and historic buildings and the castle at Moravska Trevoba has the added attraction of a medieval torture chamber.It is always worrying visiting such places with Mistress. One always has the feeling that She is likely to introduce some of the more extreme forms of torture and torment into Her own well-equipped dungeon.When our tour guide asked for volunteers for the stocks and witch's chair, Mistress was always ready to ensure that I was chosen as the unwilling victim:-) I was surprised when, on our journey home, Mistress drove straight past the Mill and on towards a secluded wooded area. We drove along a farm track and Mistress parked the car , suggesting that we go for a stroll in the woods. She then ordered me to take off my t-shirt and hand it to Her.
Of course I followed Her instruction, assuming that perhaps She thought I needed some more sunshine on my torso. No such luck!!! Mistress used the t-shirt to grap a bunch a stinging nettles and proceeded to flog my back, before rubbing them over the rest of my body.We went deeper into the woods and Mistress ordered me to hug one of the trees. Again I followed Her order and She promptly produced a
length of rope and tied me tightly to the tree. The flogger was produced and Mistress gave me a good warming-up before She untied me and ordered me to lay on the floor. More stinging nettles were plucked and Mistress pulled my shorts down and wrapped them around my cock. My t-shirt was wrapped around my head and Mistress sat on my face and ordered me to grasp the nettles and rub my cock with them. She stood up and the next thing I was aware of was the sweet aroma of Her thong which She thrust into my face. Then a golden shower to end all golden showers. It was a real deluge and I drank as much of Mistress's champagne as I possibly could. The eroticism of this, my first experience of an outdoor session, was too much for me and I
reached my climax in record time. How I love the Czech countryside:-) This was a day when I kept making foolish comments. The first was as we walked back to the car. Mistress remarked that , despite having washed in a nearby stream, I still smelt terribly . " You'll have to put me in the boot of the car when we drive back to the Mill" , I joked. Me and my big mouth. That is just what Mistress did; dumped me in the boot, drove back to the Mill and then left me in there for a while, when we arrived . Later on I said " I'm glad it's not cold shower day today (standing order from Mistress - I have to have a cold shower every Monday/Wednesday/Friday ). " You 'll have a cold shower whenever I say" was the response and Mistress marched me to shower room and I had a cold shower whilst She scrubbed me vigorously with a broom.
Mistress's bath water was now warm and we took it in turns to have a refreshing bath - although Mistress decided to put a bag over my head and hold me under the water when it was my turn.That evening I built fire at the end of the garden and we had another wonderful evening, enjoying Czech sausage cooked in the traditional way. Mistress is a fascinating person,such good fun to be with and easy to talk to. At the end of the day I was again allowed to wash and massage Mistress's feet, before we settled down for some rest , with me in bondage at the foot of Mistress's bed.
The next day , after my exercise and cold shower , I prepared a traditional Czech breakfast for Mistress , which I served to Her in the garden .The temperature was again in the high thirties and rainy London seemed to be a world away. My task for the morning was to chop some wood , whilst Mistress went into the village.When I had completed my task , we drove to Litomysl , to explore the magnificent castle there. We were looking forward to the arrival that evening of Madame Vevera and Her slave Veverak - I met them when they were in London recently and they are a very talented and lovely couple, who designed Mistress's website. Before their arrival Mistress decided that we should have another session in the Mill. I was tied to a post and blindfolded and left there to anticipate my fate. Those moments of anticipation are priceless. Mistress returned and gave me another taste of Her bull whip, before testing my limits with some breath play. Then I was ordered to bend over and I could hear the sound of Mistress attaching Her strap on.This has become perhaps my favourite form of play - thanks wholly to Mistress's training and unrivalled style. My blindfold had been removed and I was aware that Mistress was wearing Her black leather corset and short black leather skirt. She looked even more stunning than usual and I could only moan in complete and utter pleasure and ecstasy as She took me from behind. After She had used me and abused me in this way , I was allowed to worship Her feet before being ordered to use my right hand in the time honoured way. At that stage , I thought that this would definately be the highlight of my training in CZ.
Events were to prove this supposition to be a little bit premature. As we finished the session our guests arrived. It was lovely to meet up with them again and we had a hilarious evening - after enjoying a veritable banquet provided by and cooked by Veverak, we went for a stroll through the village in the cool night air. We headed for the dead centre of the village - yes, the cemetery:-) - and I won't even try to explain how/why this turned out to be hilarious, but it most certainly was. Then we returned to the Mill and played cards, a game requiring a very,very high standard of intellect(not) called 'Cerny Petr'. If the stroll through the cemetery was hilarious , this was mega-hilarious. I was laughing so much at one stage I thought I was going to choke to death :-)
I was sent on a shopping expedition the next morning - not easy when no one speaks English and I finished up discussing the merits of paprika with a lady who knew a few words of German , which I studied for two years when I was in my early teens. Anyway, somehow or other it was mission accomplished and we had a hearty breakfast at The Mill.Mistress fed me scraps in my bowl, but the food tasted all the better because of that.
We had another marvellous day out ,visiting the castle at Bouzov, but nothing had prepared me for the events that were to unfold that evening.
Veverak and I had just finished repairing Mistress's strimmer (don't panic, it's for use in the garden, not on slaves!!), when Mistress said that She wanted to talk to me in private. She then instructed me to change into my best slutty clothes and make a special effort with my make-up . I did this ( with Mistress helping me with my make-up) and then She took me to the cellar and tied me to the spider's web. I was left alone there for ten minutes or so; then Vevera came in and put a plastic bag over my head, Again I was left alone for a while. Eventually , I could hear footsteps behind me and a hand started to spank my arse. Mistress spoke and then untied me. She ordered me to follow Her upstairs to the play area we had used the previous day. Once again, Mistress looked quite magnificent(statement of the obvious). There were two large candles burning, set on two large, wooden candlestick holders and I was ordered to kneel in front of them. Then I was blinfolded. I could hear other footsteps, but because of the blindfold I was completely confused about what was happening. Then I was aware of Mistress standing alongside me. She flogged my back and then asked me whether I thought that I was devoted enough to be Her slave. I replied "yes, Mistress"; She asked me if I thought I had been a good slave in training and again I replied "yes, Mistress".As She questioned me, my mind raced back to Monday evening and I wondered if I had again failed Mistress in some way. Then the blindfold was removed . I could hardly believe what I saw. Mistress was standing in front of me holding a slave collar.
Even now, just thinking of that moment brings a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye. Mistress was claiming me as Her Property. I was about to be made Her collared slave. She fitted the collar around my neck and fastened the padlock. A bottle of wine was on a table to my left; I was ordered to uncork it and then avert my eyes as Mistress prepared a glass of Her own, very special champagne for me.I poured a glass of wine for Mistress and one for Madam Vevera, who had witnessed the ceremony, whilst Veverak took photos of the proceedings. We drank a toast and then Mistress and Madam Vevera took it in turns to flog my back, in celebration of the happy moment.We had a party in the unlikely setting of the Mill's play area. Veverak provided the music; I performed a striptease; Mistress and Madam sang to the strains of Cechomore and Queen.What a night !! This really was the highlight of my time at the Mill; it was the highlight of my year and the highlight of the century for me.
This past year has been a real eye-opener for me. It has been a time of liberation, a time when I have met and made friends with many wonderful people.It has been a time of great happiness. All of this is due to my Mistress, who has trained me , guided me and encouraged me to always adopt a positive approach in life and to give free reign to the goodness within.
Mistress Valkyrie is in a class of Her own.
That evening a storm raged around the hills surrounding Vranova Lhota.The sky was illuminated by bolts of lightning and the thunder rumbled. Remarkably not a single drop of rain fell in Vranova Lhota. Or maybe it wasn't so remarkable. Wherever Mistress goes the good weather seems to follow. The Gods wouldn't dare to rain on The Mill whilst our Mistress is in residence. As we left the village for the last time, the following morning , we drove past the Church. At that precise moment the Church bells rang - bidding farewell to our Mistress no doubt.t the airport we met-up with Mistress's very good friend , Madam Genesis. We sat together for an hour or so , before our flight was called. As we queued to pass through the x-ray screen , Madam passed me a packet of chewing gum , which I put in my pocket. Whenever we travel , Mistress orders me to wear my vibrating butt plug, which She activates when I'm off guard - causing me to yelp and Mistress to either smile serenely or collapse into fits of laughter. As I passed through the x-ray machine my butt plug activated the alarm and I was pulled to one side by a member of the security staff. As he ran his scanner around my body he asked " do you have any chewing gum in your pocket?". "Yes" , I replied. "Ah, that's what caused the alarm to go off " he said - just as he was about to scan my backside. He stopped scanning,stepped back, waved me through. Thanks Madam Genesis , you saved me a lot of grief !! :-)
There is always an element of sadness when a period of slave training comes to an end. I am comforted in the knowledge that there will be further opportunities to serve our Mistress. I am also fully aware that training is an on-going aspect of a slave's life and I hope that I will be able to repay the faith and trust that Mistress Valkyrie has shown me. This was such a remarkable week that I have barely touched on all the good things that happened. I hope however that I have given a flavour of how rewarding it is to serve our Mistress.

Mistress Valkyrie's Property slave

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