Decalogue of slave´s rules:  



1. have a collar on the neck, which Madam define
2. talk to Madam on his knees and look down
3. never look into Madam’s eyes, until she allow it
4. must satisfy every order of Madam quickly and preciously, of course in time
5. can talk only if Madam ask him
6. can not go to the toilet without express agree of Madam
7. can not eat or drink without express agree of Madam
8. move only in position witch is define by Madam at the current time
9. kneel every time when he is in front of Madam
10. can not masturbate, or satisfy himself in any other ways

Some more rules:

- slave calls Madam how she wish
- after greeting, slave ask for putting the collar on his neck
- slave has the special place on the floor, there he sleeps and stay
- slave moves quiet in the places which are allocate for him to don´t disturb Madam
- slave talk only when he is ask and answer clearlly and in short
- slave is the property of Madam, she can do everything with him
- slave thanks to Madam for everything what she allow to him and for every mercy
- slave thanks to Madam for every punish at this moment
- slave thanks to madam for every stroke
- slave thanks Madam every time on his knees and kisses her boots
- slave ask for everything like a dog with whimpering and sad face
- slave eat only when Madam allow him and usually left-overs
- slave eat form the dish on the floor
- slave can go to the toilet only with express agree of Madam
- slave satisfy every order and wish of his Madam without answer back, preciously and quickly

!!!!! Five points you can´t never forget: !!!!!

1. You are my only one Madam
2. I do everything what Madam order to me
3. Madam can do everything with me
4. My penis is the toy of Madam
5. I never forget this five points